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Treatment program

Treatment program is a scheme consisting of a combined method based on antitumor therapy, immunomodulating and adsorbing therapy.

Due to the harmless of the preparations a patient can undergo the out-patient treatment as well as be given an adequate treatment at home with the help of a medical professional who is skilled in intravenous injection.

The scheme of treatment includes individual diet therapy and purge. Only having received the case report record the doctors of our medical society start working out of the program of treatment. In cases when the health state of a patient prevents him to come to the medical center independently his close relatives get all the necessary information about treatment in each concrete clinical case.

We would like to point out that our Center is not diagnostic medical establishment. We use the diagnosis already made by specialists. Our task is to provide safe and effective technology of treatment.

An individual control of cure

  1. Objective evidence of treatment is determined by the following criteria:
      Union of International Cancer Cure (UICC) and WHO (primary information is taken from the case report; final - during examination after the given treatment)
      The evaluating of the quality of life:
    • EORTC QLQ - C30 (version 2.0);
    • Unified scale of Spitser;
    • GLQ form.
      (is filled in together with making a patient's cards and after the treatment; the results are given to the center)

  2. Criteria for including into the program of treatment
    • age from 20 to 70
    • patients with oncological diagnosis of the IV clinical group, who are not responding to common methods of treatment or refusing them
    • morphologically confirmed diagnosis

  3. Criteria for exclusion from the program
    • not providing the form for the quality of life evaluating
    • patients spending 50% of the time in the bed
    • less then 60% the state dial by Karnovsky scale
    • undergoing the traditional course of treatment
    • drinking more then 50 gram of pure alcohol a day
    • smoking more then 20 cigarettes a day
    • pregnancy and breast-feeding
    • participating in the other programs

  4. Associated treatment
      The dosage of the medications, that have been constantly taken by a patient not less then for a month before the starting the present treatment scheme are not changed in order to cure the associated pathology.
      This data must be filled in the patient's card.

  5. Impermissible groups of preparations
    • modifiers of biological origin (interferons, interleukins...)
    • hormonal preparations (dexamethasone, prednisolone)
    • immunosuspesors
    • immunomodulators (Levamisol, Befungin...)

    The dosage and frequency of used anaesthetic preparations (pain relieving) must be strictly entered on the records and all the changes must be noted in the patient's card and be considered while assessing pain syndrome. The information is given by relatives or by patient over the phone.

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