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Appeal of the leader of society, candidate of medical science, actual member of German association of biological cancer prevention, doctor N.Dovnar

With each passing year phytotherapy is getting rid of uncertain and wrong ideas connected with it. Application of unnatural chemical methods in medical cure and illnesses prevention is falling out of use within last ten years. The positive attitude to the chemicals in medicine in 60-90 years was connected with progress in the synthetic chemistry in general. However the results gained by experience of population as well as the growth of the professional horizon of doctors proved the synthetic chemical preparations to be not effective and sometimes even harmful for the health of people. Consequently nowadays in Germany, for example, the majority of doctors (70%) regularly prescribe to their patients the natural herbal medications (80% of all the prescriptions).

Taking into account this experience the doctors of our phytocenter prescribe individually selected schemes for most severe clinical cases, combining the various phytomedications of new generations wide known for their harmless and therapeutic effectiveness.

The synthetic medicals can not be comparted in its effectiveness with the phytomedications - due to the fact that the by - results such as complications and undesirable reactions may appear, to say nothing about intoxication that occurs as a consequence off long period using of chemical medicaments or its overdose.

In our center new treatment schemes for nosological types of diseases are approved. The existing clinical methods in curing such illnesses (malignant and non-cancerous new growths , malignant blood diseases, atherosclerosis, blood coagulability pathology, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal disturbance etc.) are not safe and effective.

Modern science has finally found the solution of these problems. Due to the achievement and progress in phytochemistry, pharmacology, virology, experimental oncology new phytomedications have been originated. The combination of these medications gives the reliable and safe clinical effect.

Our colleagues in Russia, Ukraine and Germany successfully use in their practice neogalenic preparations, after using of which 6-7 patients out of 10 suffering from different forms of cancer at III-IV stages improved not only the state of their health but the quality of life itself .

We would be grateful for the support in development of production new herbal medications. More

ЂHealth is the union of Man and Nature.ї

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