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Ivan Kulik: "I know how to treat for cancer"

Annually dozens of thousands of earthlings die of cancer. But according to official data an effective means for treating cancer is not yet found. The world medical community decided long ago: "The grateful humanity will endow with the highest honors and titles a researcher who will find a successful method for fighting cancer tumors".

Ivan Anisimovich Kulik first had a job of a surgeon-oncologist in a local hospital of a small town of Zinkov, Poltava region; then he worked as a doctor in a hospital of first aid in Murmansk. He devoted his whole life to the study of nature of cancer, to the search of the most effective means of its therapy. Time has come to speak about Ivan Kulik at length. About 20 years ago a young beautiful woman was taken with sharp pain in her stomach to the hospital where I.Kulik worked. The condition of the patient was critical, immediate operation was unavoidable. I.Kulik finished operating on the patient only at dawn. In a few days the woman felt considerably better and later was discharged from hospital. But the doctor knew the horrible truth: the woman had cancer and she would die leaving little kids alone...

It was then that Doctor Kulik asked himself a question: "Is it true that there is nothing to keep this damned disease in check?"

For many years Ivan Kulik had worked at daytime and read at night. He was looking through numerous books trying to find the key to the solution of the problem: the cause of cancer diseases. One day he realized that his efforts were not in vain.

In the ministry of Public Health Care of the former Soviet Union Ivan Kulik and his "vague ideas" were accepted very unfriendly. Deputy minister Babayan would make a wry face every month: Again you! Well, wait a little...". And time went on... Finally it turned out that the inaccessible nomenclature official went on a business trip for three days. Exactly the period which that bothering provincial doctor could afford being absent from work.

Ivan Kulik did not give in. He not only possessed the formula of a new drug at that moment but even managed to produce it. He tested it on animals, examined its possible toxicity using his own body and did not reveal any harmful after effects. Then he proposed to use that drug dealing with terminal cases. In the Ministry he was rejected as before and stopped at the threshold. But he withstood all persecutions, perfecting his medication and in the early 90-s obtained an anti-tumor remedy of high standard whish still has no world analogies.

Reading laconic extracts from six-year-old official reports on the introduction of the new drug we can vividly visualize the scenes of persecutions which the innovator Kulik had to endure in the former Soviet Union. How could it have happened? He is worth of a monument during his lifetime!

According to the conclusions of specialists the healing effect of Flaraxin is registered in 100% of cases. It is displayed by the improvement of patients' general state of health, lessening of tumors or their full regression. Judging by the results of its toxicological assessment and clinical effect Flaraxin is ahead of other famous anti-cancer drugs both domestic and foreign.

Let me give you a quotation from a clinical report on the investigation of the efficacy of Flaraxin. When given to patients with the most dangerous forms of cancerous diseases it: "Manifests improvement in patients' state of health, stabilization of process, regression of tumors in approximately 30% of cases." But Kulik like before remained an ordinary physician without any mark of distinction as if they had put into practice a Russian saying: "Snipe, stay in your bog!" which corresponds to "Stay in the background!" ("Kulik" is the Russian for "snipe").

Not a single official from the Ministry or other health care establishments stirred a finger to help the selfless man and the whole humankind.

Tired of haunting their thresholds Doctor Ivan Kulik moved to the city of his student youth where he tried at his own expense and with the help of sympathizing sponsors to accomplish his task.

Within a short period of time he received hundreds of seriously ill patients when other oncologists had already abandoned all attempts to save them. Nearly all of them go on living and are getting better to the joy of their relatives and friends.

Doctor Kulik is sure that after the development of some similar preparations he will be able to cure completely or to prolong considerably, for dozens of years, lives of patients with various cancerous diseases. The only problem for him is still remains lack of time, money and equipment.

By the way the course of medical treatment by Flaraxin continues for no more than 2-3 weeks. It may take place in a regular clinic or even at home. The cost of this medication is reasonable and practically everyone can afford it.

Today when every second quack claims that he is a healer, when there is no more faith in printed word only that person can believe in Doctor Kulik who really has nothing and nobody to rely upon.

And these people whom "official" oncology discharges home for "recuperation" or gives them deadly pieces of advice make desperate attempt to find the last hope in Research Medical Center "Phoenix" and its branches.

Here is only some evidence given by patients who have taken courses of therapy by Flaraxin.

Alexandra A., a physician from Poltava had to apply to I. Kulik after her colleagues had announced sad news: "there were few days left for her relative to live."

Rontgenographs, analyses and examination undoubtedly confirmed the diagnosis.

"After three courses of Flaraxin therapy my father-in-law "returned to life," she says.

Having examined him again oncologists couldn't believe their eyes: was it really cancer?

An oncologist from Kishinev Alexander I. tells his own story: "Last year I diagnosed tumor in my right lung and decided to take risk because other methods are no less risky. After two courses of Flaraxin therapy rontgenographs showed that tumor disappeared. Now I feel very well."

Galina F. had lung cancer in a very serious form. Oncologists "promised" her maximum two or three weeks of life. She has been alive for 3 years already. Flaraxin was the only drug she took.

We may readily inform the readers that it has been planned recently to open a new branch of Doctor Kulik's center in Minsk, Belarus. The difficulties are the same: funding and personnel.

And meanwhile you can apply for consultations to the town of Grodno, Belarus where there exists a research-consulting center of phytotherapy. The colleagues of Doctor Kulik will gladly answer all the questions concerning the most up-to-date methods of phytotherapy and medical treatment for cancer, diseases connected with metabolism and nervous system and a lot of other serious disorders of our organism.

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