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Diagnosis-Cancer: To Awaken Self-healing Forces

Cancer... Even the bravest and spiritually strongest people turn pale hearing this diagnosis. Plenty of them accept it as a sentence of death. For these patients tumor is a malicious enemy that has perfidiously attacked an allegedly healthy organism.

It is curious enough that modern medical science confirms this belief and deepens the patient's feeling of hopelessness and despair. Today's theory of cancer is developed on the cell level. A cell is supposed to consist of 10.000 constituents. We know extremely little about nucleus substance but at the same time we declare with self-assurance that 46 chromosomes, of the nucleus contain protooncogenes, which practically don't differ from oncogenes. Stresses or provocative background cancerogenes surface to set in motion a mechanism of cell mutation and doom healthy tissue to disease. A tumor, which appears due to these factors, grows rapidly. But it also disintegrates speedily and, as a rule, gets infected. No wonder that in the 30-s of our century one-third of patients died from suppurative-infections complications. Untypical cells further get into blood system and lymph and in this way (or nearly so) form metastases.

Such notions of modern medicine concerning cancer are based on the works of Prussian pathologist-anatomist R. Virchow who lived in the previous century. It is the main postulate of his theory that' all XXth century medicine has confined itself to: cancer is a local disease. Meanwhile programs of medical treatment aimed at tumor are becoming less and less successful. But patients pay a lot for that. Surgical, radiological and polychemical methods exhaust organism. They mercilessly do away with general and local immunity. Before operation lymphatic nodes are literally burnt out. After the operation for 30-60 days the immune system is depressed to the maximum extent, to say nothing of the overdoses of chemical drugs (we would prefer to say chemical killers). Those people who have lived through these programs are fully aware of the fact that their recovery is not guaranteed: in 60% of cases the treacherous disease brings the worn-out patient to death.

Have you ever thought of what is in perspective?

It is like that. About 200 branches of medicine require ever growing expenditure of money on medical treatment which presupposes the acquisition of new chemical drugs, comfortable surgeries and consulting-rooms, expensive and very expensive equipment, abundance of beds... and ever more beds and more patients. And so on... Increasingly. For ever and ever.

And as a result patients find themselves m the situation of complete hopelessness, because modern medical science of Verchow's has nothing more to offer them.

But just imagine for a moment that some innovator would make our state medical officials a proposition to use a new-not chemical, but medical herbal remedy. A storm of accusations of quackery would fall on the head of such Copernicus.

Once in Belarusian newspapers "Belaruskaja niva" and "Gomelskaya pravda" there was a description of the newest method of medical treatment of malignant tumor formations by means of a new preparation FLARAXIN. This unique phytodrug when used intravenously (!) works wonders and 6 out 10 patients destined to death remain alive to the joy of their relatives. The author of this invention Doctor I.KULIK, the scientific supervisor of Grodno Phyto-Center has gone through the hardest trials of his fate because this drug doesn't fit into list of traditional chemical medications.

Now it is obvious that only such people should take care of our health: medical practitioners with critical not standardized thinking and different knowledge and education. Besides, it is well known that plenty of ordinary people look with suspicion at artificial synthetic preparations used in medical practice and reject them like transplanted donor's organs in spite of all contrivances of today's medical science. The history of medicine demonstrates that in the persistent fight for survival in those times and places where medicine hardly existed at all methods of popular folk therapy and phytotherapy triumphed. Later the official medical science would assume the right to take over these achievements. But, alas! It would never catch the essence of these methods: presence of soul and thought.

These would may seem grim to somebody but the truth cannot be cruel. It doesn't kill, it heals.

At the same time we must confess that the situation gradually changes. Nowadays quite a number of honored and sensible people representing official medical science demand that folk therapy and its methods should be fully rehabilitated. God bless them and give them wisdom and tact!

Taking into account the experience of many generations of folk healers and his own private practice the famous Dutch physician Cornelius Moermann formulated the new up-to-date conception of cancer. One of his postulates says that Virchow's cell hypothesis approaches cancer form the wrong side. It is necessary to remember that tumor is only a symptom but not the cause of cancer. The formation of cancer cells is not an independent process but a result of anomalous incorrect metabolism.

And so it goes! It took humanity ages to throw the idols off their pedestals and come to that conclusion. Strict State Commission of Holland entered in the record that 115 out of 150 patients who underwent medical treatment according to C.Moermann were cured. The rest of them were relieved. Nobel Prize laureates L.Paoling and G.Dawman called his theory the great breakthrough in solving the problem of cancer.

The principles and methods for medical treatment of cancer developed by C.Gauler, G.S.Shatalova, G.Voitovich, Strogat, R.Broyce, E.Rogers, S.Mezentzev, A.Malovichko, I.Kulic deserve the highest praise. High time for our state to join in! Unfortunately, nothing of the kind happens.

One may go on conducting a campaign: first, against the so-called "narodniks" (popular healers), then - against the official medicine but cancer patients are unlikely to become healthier from that. It would be better for both sides to participate in the "round-table" discussion, single out the priorities, talk them over carefully and work out the "main principle of survival" for common people disregarding misleading theories, prescriptions and so on.

A number of research phytotherapeutic centers have been opened in this country recently. They are orientated towards most daring methods of phytotherapy which are often underestimated by official medicine. Independent medical practitioners who use these methods do not offer a panacea for the treatment of all diseases (though something very close to it). They come forward with practical proposals connected with prophylaxis and medical treatment of some very dangerous diseases of our century, and among them - cancer.

Of great importance is the fact that they clearly understand: official medicine only declares the participation of patients in the process of curing. Actually, it leaves for them the role of a passive observer. To make the things ever worse, a patient is often not informed at all about the state of his health.

The approach of independent research phytotherapeutic centers is quite different. Medical consultants of these centers not only let their patients know the dreadful diagnosis but also offer him or her a chance to choose the appealing method. They do not interpret Hippocrates behest "Do not harm!" as a call to passiveness. The greatest harm that can be done to a person is to doom him to death, deprive him of any opportunity to struggle for life.

And one more fact. Medical personnel of these centers try hard to involve the relations and close friends of a patient in the process of medical treatment. It helps a sick person to restore faith in him/her self and in inexhaustible potential of his organism. In other words, the main factor in the process of healing is the patient and his will to complete recuperation by means of natural products of phytotherapy.

The task of these enthusiasts is not an easy one. But it is really innovatory! The arsenal of the above mentioned methods require a cardinal revision of the whole system of values and restructuring of the entire mode of life of human beings. Compromises are inappropriate. Any concession on the part of a patent entails only one measure of punishment - capital punishment.

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