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The results of the treatment of patients.

  • Daina Mangulson. (Latvia, Riga)

    Alive and happy after course of treatment taken at year 2000 at our medical center using new neohalenic medications. Diagnosis was: Ovarian cancer with mts.

    Daina Mangulson
    On Photo: Year 2002. Daina and her eight children.

  • Leo Loss, 70 years old. (Germany, Ratenow)

    Course of treatment was taken at year 1999. Diagnosis: Prostate cancer IV stage. Was examined at 01.07.2002 and there were no any signs of the desease. Current health state and life quality according his age.

    Leo Loss
    On Photo: Year 2002. Leo at the medical center at Grodno.

  • T.Zinovi Yliych (Moldova, Kishenev)

    80 years old. Case history: considers himself to be ill since 1996 year. Does not undergo any treatment. Rectoromanoscopy shows: the enlargement of hemorrhoid, tumorous formation 5 cm with rough sides with aperture 1.5 cm. Morphologically confirm a diagnosis: cancer of rectum with mts. Applied for treatment in 1996. Was ordered an appropriate treatment with the herbal medications, produced by vacuum-condensation technology within the phytocenter's program. At the present moment the state of the patient is stable, leads active normal life and able to attend himself by his own. From time to time he has the rectum pain and diarrhea. Objectively: the process of the tumor development is not observed. Remission is stable.

  • M.Sergey Vladimirovich (Ukraine, Kiev)

    19 years old. Applied to the center in 1997 with the diagnosis: tumor of the vermis cerebelli with intergrowth in fourth ventricle of the brain. Diagnosis is made in 1997. Twice was operated on in Kiev neurosurgery clinic. Parents refused the next operative intervention because of the risk and danger of life of the patient. At the moment when the ill applied to the center he could not move, suffered from the sharp head pains, double vision, he was not able to stay stable in vertical position. Since the year of 1997 he was ordered a program treatment with the new neogalenic preparations of domestic and foreign origin. At the present moment the health state is improved, patient is active and able to move independently, many times he visited the center by his own, he has no complains. Objectively: the size of the focus is not growing, passability of liquor preserved, no dynamic of the process is observed. The state of the patient is stable.

  • S.Nikolaj Vasilievich (Russia, Moscow)

    83 years old. Came to the center on 14.03.98 complaining about cough, dyspnea, weakness. Roentgenological picture made on 2.03.98 showed tumour sized 5.5 6 cm. Diagnosis: Cancer of upper lobe of left lung. Taking into account the age of the patient he was recommended to undergo the symptomatic treatment. After the treatment course in our center and at the moment of examination on 7.09.00 - his health state was stable, the tumour decreased in its size. Some coughing is noticed. The patient is quite active. Roentgenologically: roots of lungs are non-structural, expanded. The diagnosis remains, no decline is observed. The state is firm and stable remission takes place.

  • K.Vera Ilynichna (Russia, Smolensk)

    78 years old. Breast cancer IV st. IV clinical group, mts in skin of breast and lymphatic nodes of mediastinum. Applied to our center in 1997. After the recommended phytotreatment the reduction of the wound area is observed. Left axillary lymphatic nodes dissolved. During examination noticed the mobility of left mammary gland. Roentgenologically lymphatic nodes are not noticed. The state of the patient is satisfactory.

  • N.G. (Poland, Gdynia)

    56 years old. Considers herself ill since March 1996. The illness started with the enlargement of birthmark spot after the injury. In March 1997 - excision of nevus pigmentosus. Histology: Solid basalioma of pigment spot. Asked for the medical help on 20.04.97. Diagnosis: Melanoblastoma. Out-patient treatment on the individual scheme of our phytocenter was made. During the treatment the gradual regress of lymphatic nodes is observed, subcutaneous satellites on anterior abdominal wall regressed. Within 2 years the ill is under medical supervision of a dermatoncologist. Relapse of a disease is not observed.

  • L.L. (Germany, Rottenberg)

    81 years old. Applied to the center on 15.04.98. Considered to be ill since 1996. In November 1997 Roentgenologically filling defect of stomach. FSDS: 10.12.97. tumor with ulcerated mucosae 5-6 cm in subcardial area. Biopsy #4901-02 - differentiated adenocarcinoma. Clinical diagnosis: adenocarcinoma of subcardial region and body of the stomach N clinical group II. After the combined treatment in our center the improvement in the health state is obvious. The patient gained 8 kg (10.03.99) FSDS 1.09.98 - the growth of the tumour is stopped. Endoscopy 25.01.99 - noticed tumor regress on 30%. The combined phytomedication treatment is continued. During the treatment and examination the regress of tumour was observed. The process proves to be stable.

  • O.Leonora Naumovna (Russia, Tver)

    40 years old. Asked for medical help on 17.10.97 complaining about sharp pain in abdomen, left hip joint. She was very weak, could hardly walk even in her apartment. Her weight was - 50 kg. Rectoromanoscopy - fistulas 1 1 cm in the navel area. Diagnosis: Ovary cancer IV st. IV gr. mts. Fistuals in postoperating scar area. The patient underwent the complete program of phytotherapy. At the present her state is satisfactory, she returned to work. Periodically she has pain in the left area of the abdomen, that she explains by the adhesive process. She gained weight - 80 kg. In March 2000 USG and X-ray of chest were performed - mts are not noticed.

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