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Chemotherapy drugs may affect the brain
Chemotherapy drugs could be leaving patients unable to think clearly, according to researchers. And the effect may be persisting beyond the end of their treatment courses. The study looked at 107 women who were either receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, had received the drugs a few years earlier, or who were healthy. The "thinking power" of the brain, or cognitive function was measured. This meant their memory was impaired, as was the ability to remember, think and concentrate. The group of patients currently receiving the drugs had significantly lower scores. It is not known how exactly the chemotherapy drugs have an effect on the brain. They have a pronounced effect on many body tissues, particularly those which grow or divide quickly, such as those in the hair follicles or stomach lining. However, it was believed that they could not pass the "blood brain barrier" protecting the brain tissues. The research was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.
Source: BBC News

The future of cancer treatment
Cancer researchers believe they are close unlocking the complete genetic makeup of many common cancers, understanding the complete gene map of cancer will allow doctors to spot early those who are likely to develop the condition. By understanding exactly how the rogue cells differ from normal cells, treatments can be modified so they work on just the cancer cells. Conventional chemotherapy has a scattergun effect - although it kills cancer cells, it can also affect surrounding normal cells, particularly those which have a tendency to divide quickly. This is what produces unpleasant side effects such as nausea, and the falling out of hair. What could begin to replace highly toxic chemotherapy regimes. Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that boosts the body's immune system to attack cancer. Eventually scientists may produce vaccines against some cancers, particularly those which are linked to infections.
Source: BBC News

American National research center of experimental oncology figured out
the direct relation between over using of hydrogenated nutritive fats (margarine, artificial butter like "Rama" etc) and the frequency of cases of intestine cancer.

The reason of the increasing numbers of cancer pathology
among the population of Baltic Countries (Poland, Finland, Swiss, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia) can be explained by dispressurizing of the steel containers with highly toxic chemical poison substances (PS)- mustard gas (yperite) and lewisite.
The Swedish scientists claim that 250 000 tones of German PS left in the Baltic Sea after the first World War slowly kill or cause the mutation of flora and fauna of water environment and therefore influence people as well.

English specialists claim,
that uncontrolled overdoses of beta-carotin to be the reason of growth of rectum cancer cases.

Medical geographers and epidemiologists of South Africa consider
the traditionally wide spread disease among white skin population in South Africa, Australia, South America - melanoma - to be the generic inadaptability to burning south sun rays.

Virus theory of cancer does not have epidemiological roots.
German specialists came to the conclusion that the virus theory of cancer does not have epidemiological roots. Virus selectively affects ones and is not "interested" in the others . Till now the modern virologists can not explain this phenomenon. As well as the nature of 1500 types of viruses. They are odd in the common classification of microorganisms. Appearing of new viruses - it is a puzzle at all - (Ebola, AIDS, hepatitis etc). No one has ever watched the mutation of viruses. So, virus at all seems to be nota creature but a substance. The reason of its appearance is unknown and it can be compared with a one piece syringe injects of one single DNA in a cell of a living being that starts chain reaction of reproduction the suchlikes. It is remarkable that the appearing of these biorobots happens each 10 years.

Dutch professor Moerman asserts that the cell theory of Virhov is wrong.
Cancer is not an autonomous disease of an organ as it is considered to be by oncologists all over the world till the present time. This approach explains widely spread use of local therapy in treatment of cancer pathology (surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) in clinics. Cancer is a complex disease of the whole organism. That is why it is very important to reconsider the tactics of treatment. The reason of cancer origin first of all rest on the disturbance of metabolism. Due to this fact, according to Moerman, the treatment must be complex and combined, that never happens in modern clinics. The treatment should include individually selected diet, adsorbing and cleansing therapy and phytotherapy together with immunomodulating and safe base antitumor therapy.

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